Hokkaido Happy Star Box

Hokkaido Happy Star Box


~ Stay Home & Still Enjoy Hokkaido Tastes!! ~


The box is full of mouthwatering joys that we locals confidently recommend!!


Watch our introductory video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/5PqEZcU6oo

For Junren Rament tutorial: https://youtu.be/7MxF63rr1DU


1) Furanoya Chicken Soup Curry (350g) x 2 boxes

2) Junren Miso Ramen x 2 packets

3) Dried Scallops (11 pieces) x 1 packet

4) Hokkaido Butter Candy x 1 packet

5) Rokkatei Yukiya Konko (8 pieces) x 1 box

6) Jagapokkuru (18g) x 3 packets

Country of Origin:


Hokkaido Happy Star Box

  • Allergens (as per Japanese legislation):


    - Soup Curry: milk, wheat, prawn, beef, soy, chicken, pork, apple & banana.

    - Miso Ramen: egg, wheat, pork, soy, sesame & apple.

    - Dried Scallop: none.

    - Butter Candy: milk.

    - Yukiya Konko: wheat, milk, almond, egg & soy.

    - Jaga Pokkuru: none.


    All the items are non Halal.

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