Jagaimo Zak Zak [Fried Whole Mini Potato]

Hokkaido is famous for producing potatoes. When they become snacks, typically they are sliced and fried into chips.


But now, you get the whole potato! Mini potato from Tokachi, Hokkaido, will enhance the happiness in your mouth!!


N.B. Don't put the whole piece in your mouth at once, or it might get stuck in your throat (official guideline by the manufacturer)!

Jagaimo Zak Zak [Fried Whole Mini Potato]

  • 1. Allergens (as per the Japanese legislation): soy bean.


    2. Shelf Life: 240 days after production date.


    3. Storage: No direct sun light, cool & dry place.


    4. Country of Origin: Japan.


    This product is non Halal.

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