Dining Experience


Our dining room dedicated to our hotel guests let you enjoy your meals in a fantastic view of Mt. Tokachidake.  Create an unforgettable experience at B&B Plus+ Shooting Star.


Our Breakfast


Home-baked pizza toast bread along with soup, salad and scramble eggs using our fresh local ingredients. Lastly, a yoghurt parfait to give a morning boost.

For your little ones, we will prepare a mini pizza toast version with care. A little colorful breakfast for both children and parents.

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Singapore Dinner

Bak Kut Teh

Presented in a hot-pot style, enjoy the tender juicy Hokkaido pork ribs stewed in a pot filled with variety of herbal spices, alongside with the local vegetables. Served with rice and a side dish.

What's good, the spiciness level can be adjusted by yourself!

For booking only - please book on "Singapore Dinner Plan". 

Singapore Chicken Rice

The dish that takes a day and half to make by delicately marinating and poaching the chicken in our home-made broth using local vegetables. Served with freshly cooked seasoned rice alongside with a stir fry vegetable and a side dish.

What's good, again, the spiciness level can be adjusted by yourself!

For booking only - please book on "Singapore Dinner Plan". 


D-I-Y Takoyaki Dinner


Shape the flour into a ball shape and fill it with the choices of octopus, cheese, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, etc... Finally, top the ready balls with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise and bonito flakes!

A fun and enjoyable dinner that everyone can participate to make. This plan comes alongside with a side dish too.  Kindly book in advance as a stay plan.

Ala Carte

Available on the day itself - we offer Japanese and Singaporean home style ala carte menu dedicated for our guests who stays at Shooting Star. 

* Subject to availability.  We may close ala carte menu at a peak period.